Who We Are

Solaris Aquae is an Italian company dealing with design and production of innovative high- tech equipment based on the use of sea water and the thermal energy contained in it.

With reverse osmosis technology we obtain drinking water and combining it with marinethermal trigeneration, even domestic hot water and cold water for air conditioning purposes.
To complete the whole water cycle, we can offer also a wastewater treatment plant (MBR).


Water, source of life. A precious asset for everyone, to defend and enhance.
Estimates for the next decades indicate that there will be less and less fresh and drinking water.
The 97% of the water on earth is salty and only 3% is fresh, of which 2.1% is in the polar ice caps and in glaciers, instead only 0.65% is concentrated in the rivers, lakes, available to all living beings.
Sea water contains energy and precious substances for human activities in unlimited quantities. Solaris Aquae is dedicated to the development of technologies that allow to extract from the sea the resources that in the past were used minimally.
Thanks to the IoT control systems developed by Solaris Aquae these technologies can be installed all over Italy and the world with totally remote controlled management.

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Our systems guarantee enormous economic savings compared to traditional technologies.

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