Marine Dissalator

The desalination of sea water allows access to drinking water in an unlimited way.
Solaris Aquae produces an innovative series of compact and effective reverse osmosis systems, for easy assembly and placement in the technical area or in a dedicated container of the facility being serviced. The proposed technical solution is based on an innovative pump with integrated energy recovery that in a compact unit combines both the high-pressure pump required for reverse osmosis desalination, and the energy recovery system.
The system, being modular, can be easily expanded with the parallel insertion of other devices of the same family, to guarantee further expansion possibilities in the future.

Common features:

Raw marinewater
Maximum raw water salinity42,000 ppm of TDS
Raw water design temperature15-45 ° C
Operating pressure50-60 Bar
Power supply400V AC 50 Hz
Specific consumption3.0-3.5 kWh / m3
Dissalatore Marino Solaris Aquae

Single plant features:

Rated capacitym3 / gSapple 40Sapple 60Sapple 80Sapple 120Sapple 160Sapple 200Sapple 300Sapple 600
Electric powerkW1010152030428090



Container 20′

Dissalatore Marino

Container 40′

Dissalatore Marino

Our watermaker:

  • Sea water desalination with high efficiency and low energy consumption system;

  • Electronic management with Internet control IOT (Internet of Things);

  • High quality drinking water at a much lower cost than the public water system;

  • Daily capacity: starting from 40 m3/day and scalable up to the need of the structure;

  • Zeroing of water bill costs;

  • The total absence of emissions makes the technology highly eco-compatible and eco-sustainable;

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Our systems guarantee enormous economic savings compared to traditional technologies.

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